Selective Sync Conflict

by Taggart & Andre LaFosse

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“Selective Sync Conflict” is a tag-team exploration of the areas where organic instrumental musicianship and digital sound sculpture blend together until the seams disappear. It’s a collection of ambient meditations, blues-rock stompers, cosmic jazz, and glitchy funk - sometimes, all in the same song.

In this corner: Taggart - the art-music alias of Ross Garren, an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist whose vocabulary encompasses blues harmonica, jazz piano, extended classical techniques, vintage analog keyboards and cutting-edge digital synthesis.

In that corner: Andre LaFosse - a guitarist and producer specializing in “turntablist guitar,” a post-DJ approach to live looping based around fragmenting performances in real time and reconfiguring them as glitchy, grooving refractions of their former selves.

Using Andre’s angular electro-acoustic improvisations as a starting point, Ross has built a collection of expansive cinematic sound worlds: densely layered, filled with subtle intricacies, a widescreen digital panorama filled with landmarks of raw, unpolished organic expression. Alternately pristine and messy, somber and silly, raucously energetic and pensively withdrawn, “Selective Sync Conflict” is inspired by its myriad influences even as it belongs to none of them.


released May 19, 2015

Music by Ross Garren and Andre LaFosse
Lyrics by Ross Garren and Sarah Pigion

Produced by Ross Garren, Andre LaFosse, and Nick DePinna
Mixed by Nick DePinna
Mastered by Steve Kempster
Highlighter Pen Artwork by Bridget Klappert

Ross Garren: Acoustic/Electric Keyboards, Synths, Diatonic/Chromatic/Bass/Polyphonia Harmonicas, and Vocals
Andre LaFosse: Echoplex Digital Pro, Electric Guitar, and Synths
Gavin Salmon - Drum Set and Percussion ("Parkour Ballet", "Say Hey (Make a Change)", and "The Mendoza")
Hitomi Oba - Saxophone ("Car Light, Star Bright")
Erika Oba - Flute ("The Mendoza")

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Taggart Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Say Hey (Make a Change)
Get on up, get on down
Everybody knows what's going around

Get on up, get on down
Can't you see what's going around

Say hey, hey, hey
Say hey, hey, hey

Get on up, get on down
Everybody knows what's going around

A toxic sea, a hole in the sky
Might miss water when the well runs dry

Say hey, hey, hey
Say hey, hey, hey

Get on up, Get on out
Won't last forever, ain't no doubt

Make a change, make it strong
Make it soon, we ain't got too long

Cause the world's on fire,
Gotta change your desire,
Let your heart take you higher,
Cause the world's on fire