Expansions on Solo Piano

by Taggart

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Expansions on Solo Piano

1. Prelude
2. Blue in Green (Miles Davis)
3. Interlude I: Blues Musings
4. All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern)
5. Interlude II: Boundary Waters
6. Night Dreamer (Wayne Shorter)
7. Interlude III: The Days of Wine and Roses (Henry Mancini)
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Trad.)
9. Postlude

Notes from the Performer

Though I had always hoped to investigate solo piano, it wasn't until my first solo recital in the summer of 2010 that I began to seriously consider the medium. As I started practicing and experimenting at the keyboard, I became enamored with the idea of adding a post-production element to the very simple, organic piano music I was gravitating toward. Not being an expert in studio techniques myself, I called my friend Nick DePinna whose facility with electronics and composerly aesthetic I have long admired. As we began discussing and evolving some general concepts, it became clear that the best way to explore some of the tantalizing possibilities was though recording an album. Viewing ourselves as a duo, keyboardist and producer, we embarked on a journey into the unfamiliar and often surprising musical terrain.


Notes from the Producer

As Ross and I began work on this record, we decided to limit our sonic building blocks exclusively to his electric and acoustic piano playing and whatever manipulations of these recordings we could conjure in post-production. No synthesizers or MIDI programming were used; only sounds that were derived from the original audio files. I would like to think that the spacious nature of the effects that we chose, paired with the often mechanical approach to production, serve to highlight Ross’s elegant sense of harmony and texture while also enhancing the industrial and motoric qualities of the omnipresent ostinati and electronic keyboard.

Track notes:

(1) features a legion of multi-tracked electric pianos and a highly effected acoustic piano loop.
(2) is a completely unaltered recording of an electric piano performance over a pre-recorded ostinato.
(3) utilizes a solo acoustic piano performance overdubbed with whispers of muted acoustic piano.
(4) is a single recording of a live acoustic piano performance, orchestrated with a number of automated effects on the stereo track.
(5) is a solo acoustic piano performance with most of the original recording muted in favor of the resulting effects.
(6) manipulates two different live performances of the piece at different tempos on electric and acoustic piano simultaneously.
(8) consists of multiple tracks and loops of acoustic piano, prepared acoustic piano, and extended techniques for acoustic piano.
(9) features a synthesizer and a choir of trombones in addition to multiple tracks of acoustic pianos; this is the only piece in this collection containing instruments other than piano.



released April 10, 2011

Unless otherwise noted, all compositions by Ross Garren and Nick DePinna

Acoustic and Electric Piano performances by Ross Garren
Trombone and synthesizer (9) by Nick DePinna
Produced by Nick DePinna
Mastered by Hans Bernhard
Album Artwork by Hitomi Oba

Recorded June-October 2010 in California

Special thanks to Brady Cohan, The DePinna Family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fisher, The Garren Family, John Goeltz, Stu Heydon, Rob Klevan, Andrew Leonard, Katie Clare Mazzeo, James Newton, Hitomi Oba, Vardan Ovsepian, and Nina Scolnik.



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Taggart Los Angeles, California

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